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PadXpress -Nautic Duo Regenerating Paint (PB500) + Ceramic Protection (PB550)+Plate Ø125mm(PC505) (PBPACK555)

PadXpress -Nautic Duo Regenerating Paint (PB500) + Ceramic Protection (PB550)+Plate Ø125mm(PC505) (PBPACK555)

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The beautiful season is coming, it's time to prepare your boat! For the arrival of spring, we at PadXpress offer you our Duo kit of polish and protection, especially for boats.

The kit includes:

  • A PadXpress paint regenerator for painted hulls
  • A PadXpress long-lasting ceramic protection
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Why use PadXpress Paint Regenerator?

Over time, boat hulls oxidise and lose their shine and gloss, giving the impression of a boat in poor condition. PadXpress Special Paint Hull Polish is a powerful, non-abrasive regenerator that effortlessly restores your boat's hull. Its deoxidising qualities make it the ideal solution to bring your paint hull back to life, thanks in particular to its ease of use without prior sanding and its power to eliminate appearance defects. For a long-lasting shine, apply PadXpress Nautic Ceramic Protection (PB550). Your boat will regain its shine in record time (4 hours for a 7 metre boat). No more endless hours of stripping, sanding and repainting your boat.


Your hull must be clean and dry If your hull has been previously treated / washed with acids, we advise you to lightly sand with "2000 or 3000 grain" paper before starting the PadXpress Nautic treatment. Acid can cause a deterioration of the colour enhancement. Make sure that your polisher's plate is Ø125 mm in diameter.

Instructions for use

  • Position the foam applicator on the polisher and select a maximum working speed of 1500 rpm.
  • Place the foam on the part of the hull to be polished.
  • Apply vertical pressure to the foam (dry flick of the wrist) to release the product from the tank
  • Work with regular criss-cross strokes, maintaining light pressure on the foam for good contact on the substrate, but without forcing.
  • Work in areas of approximately 1m². Once this area has been treated, use your microfiber to wipe the excess off the hull.
  • Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, depending on the surface to be treated.
  • Once the renovation is finished, it is strongly recommended to apply a protector/fixer (type PadXpress ceramic protection ref. PB550).
  • One PadXpress Nautic Regenerating Paint foam is suitable for treating 1 boat of 7 to 9 metres.

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