About PadXpress®

Our History

PadXpress®, .is above all the story of its inventor and founder Libero MAZZONE is a self-taught man with a passion for technical innovations. What stimulates him is to get off the beaten track and find a solution to a problem that is considered impossible. Libero means "freedom" in Italian... He lives up to his name. Since his youngest age, he likes to find answers to the questions he asks himself on a daily basis. Already on the benches of the school, he draws plans of water engine instead of concentrating... Libero left school at 14 to concentrate on the revolutions he had in mind. An entrepreneurial profile that does not correspond to any other, avant-gardist, he learns everything from himself.

Libero Mazzone

Polish automobile et bateaux Padxpress

Our Offer : A unique patented product

A foam polish for bodywork made with a tank of polish composed of nanotechnology on a water base. The product is released with a simple pressure. Where conventional polishing takes time, consumes a lot of product and causes spills, PadXpress® allows professionals to polish, regenerate and protect car bodies while respecting the environment. All made in France near Arcachon.

Fabrication France

A specific range for each field

The development of PadXpress® allowed us to realize that all professionals are looking for time saving and efficiency. We have therefore developed specific products for renovation and protection in many fields such as Automotive, Marine, Motorcycle, Motorhome and Truck.

de nombreux polish pour chaque utilisation

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