Products developed by enthusiasts

At PadXpress, we're driven by our passion for two-wheelers. We understand how important it is for motorcyclists to have a motorbike or scooter in perfect condition, both for aesthetic reasons and for their own satisfaction. That's why we've developed our own range of polishes specifically for motorbike and scooter fairings, tanks and helmets.

Born of our experience and our frustrations with existing polishing solutions on the market, our products meet the demands of the most fastidious motorcyclists. Ineffective, difficult to use or with disappointing results, traditional products prompted us to innovate.

The PadXpress range of polishes offers a complete solution for maintaining your motorbike:

  •     Paint polishing: Restore shine and depth to your fairing.
  •     Visor cleaning: Remove insects and other dirt for clear, safe vision.
  •     Ceramic protection: Apply a protective barrier against external aggression.

All our motorbike polishes are easy to use and guarantee professional results. The ergonomic shape of our 80mm pads, combined with a simple cordless drill, means you can reach all areas of the fairing with precision. What's more, our pads contain just the right amount of polish for a waste-free application.

Watch the PadXpress Moto range video and give your bike the care it deserves.