PadXpress Camping-Car - High performance paint regenerator - Ø125mm - (CC500)

PadXpress Camping-Car - High performance paint regenerator - Ø125mm - (CC500)

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  • Deoxidizes and restores shine to your paint
  • Eliminates shallow scratches
  • Removes paint transfers
  • Non-abrasive 4 times faster than a traditional technique
  • Easy to use and without projection
  • Bodywork treatment (Ø125)
  • The paint polish is directly integrated into the polishing foam.
  • One pulse against the surface to be treated and the product is released
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Approved and certified action
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PadXpress Paint Regenerator: the ideal solution to bring your bodywork back to life

Your motorhome's paint is subjected to the daily stresses of time, weather, UV rays, micro-scratches, paint transfers and scratches. All of this contributes to its aging and loss of shine and brilliance. That's why it's important to take care of your car's body. In this article, we introduce you to PadXpress Paint Refinisher, a unique solution to bring your car back to life in a few quick and easy steps.

Why should you use PadXpress Paint Regenerator for your motorhome?

A unique technology

The technology used in the PadXpress special paint regenerator is unique in the world. It allows you to quickly and easily renovate the body of your motorhome without effort. The product is non-abrasive and deoxidizing, making it the ideal solution to bring your bodywork back to life.
Eliminates micro-scratches

Micro-scratches are a common problem on the body of a motor home. They can appear at any time, even during the daily use of your vehicle. PadXpress Paint Regenerator removes these micro-scratches and makes your vehicle look like new again.
Easy to use

Whether you're a homeowner or a professional, you'll appreciate the ease with which you can use PadXpress Paint Refinisher. Its unique device is in the form of a foam with an integrated product tank. The Pad is ready to use immediately. A simple pressure and you release the regenerating cream developed by PadXpress. Thanks to its velvet/velcro fastener, the Pad can be attached to all polishing machine plates.

CC 500
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Data sheet

Name of product
PadXpress Auto - High Performance Paint Regenerator
Product type
Special paint regenerator
Any type of painted body
Benefits and gains
Deoxidizes and restores shine to your paint. Eliminates shallow scratches. Removes paint transfers.
Applicable to
Treat for 1 vehicle
Pad diameter
125 mm
230 grams
Duration and conservation of products
Store foam in its box, in a dry place (maximum temperature 25°C) and away from light. To be used within 12 months of opening
Type of packaging
Item(s) included in the box
1 Pad diameter 125 mm with integrated tank
Adapter plate Ø125mm for polisher (Ref. PC505)
NOT SUPPLIED - May be purchased at extra charge. Available on site: "Adapter tray 125 mm diameter for polishing machine (Ref. PC505)
Equipment(s) required
Rotary polisher (incompatible with orbital polishers)

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