Anti-Impact Windshield Wipes for Trucks, Campers and Motorhomes - (AIPL)

Anti-Impact Windshield Wipes for Trucks, Campers and Motorhomes - (AIPL)

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Optimum protection for truck and camper van windscreens

  • Quick and easy application: A single treatment is all it takes to protect your windshield.
  • 40% impact reduction: Less risk of cracks and chips on your windscreen.
  • Tested effectiveness: Resistant to high-speed impacts (between 250 and 300 km/h).
  • CESVI certification: Quality and performance guaranteed by an independent organization.
  • Protection: up to 12 months' effectiveness

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Avoid costly repairs:

  • Private and heavy-duty drivers: avoid costly replacements for your motorhome and SUV
  • Truck and utility fleets:reduce downtime and repair costs
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anti-impact on truck and camper windscreens
truck fleet manager

Windshield impact protection for transporters and truck fleet managers

Protect your windscreen from impacts and stone chips

Say goodbye to the dangers and inconvenience caused by gravel impacts on your windscreen. Our innovative treatment offers enhanced protection against chips and cracks, significantly reducing the risk of glass breakage.

Save on truck windscreen repairs or replacements

Not only can a damaged windscreen compromise the visibility and safety of your drivers on the road, it also means significant costs and downtime for your trucks.

A cracked or splintered windscreen can quickly turn into a costly repair, or even a complete replacement. And even if the insurance company covers part of the cost, chances are you'll be left with a deductible.

Quick and easy application

Our anti-impact windshield solution for trucks comes in easy-to-use impregnated wipes. In just a few minutes, you can protect your windscreen and enjoy worry-free driving for up to 12 months. One wipe is enough to treat the windscreen of a large van or truck.

protection pare brise campin car

Windshield impact protection for motorhome owners

Protect your motorhome windscreen and drive with peace of mind!

Imagine you're on vacation, cruising down a country road with the whole family, when all of a sudden you come across a vehicle that throws gravel at you and cracks your windshield.!

You hurry to make an appointment with a glazing professional when he replies:

Your windscreen can't be repaired, my good man! Impacts are in the field of vision, and we have no stock of windshields for motorhomes. You'll have to order them, and maybe even manufacture them.

Desperate you cut your vacation short and decide to head home, hoping your windscreen repair won't crack completely.

Don't risk ruining your vacation with broken glass! Choose our anti-impact treatment for your motorhome. And for your private car, you can also choose our anti-impact windshield treatment for smaller windshields.

anti impact pour propriétaire de camping car

Easy application for maximum windshield protection

Applying Pare-Brise anti-impact wipe is child's play. Just follow these simple steps to ensure optimum protection for your vehicle:

Preparing the windshield

Start by washing and degreasing your windscreen. Make sure it's clean and dry, and that the ambient temperature is between 20°C and 30°C. In the event of lower temperatures, turn on your vehicle's heater and turn it towards the windscreen for at least 5 minutes before application.

Wipe application

  1. Open the dispenser bag where indicated and remove the soaked wipe.
  2. Apply the wipe evenly to the entire surface of the windscreen. If any liquid remains in the sachet, use the excess on the wipe and continue application.
  3. Leave for a few moments.

Windshield wiping for impeccable results

Once the waiting time has elapsed, wipe the windshield with a clean microfiber to obtain streak-free glass. There's no need to wait any longer - you can get back on the road immediately after treatment.

anti-impact a CESVI-certified product
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Rénovateur d'optiques de phares
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Rénover vos optiques de phares, d'auto et moto, oxydées et opaques. Parfait pour le passage au contrôle technique
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Store foam in its box, in a dry place (maximum temperature 25°C) and away from light. To be used within 12 months of opening
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