If you are looking for a simple, fast and effective solution to polish your car and remove scratches, the Padxpress Auto range is for you. Our polishing foam contains a regenerating solution of nanoparticles that act directly on your bodywork, allowing you to work quickly and effectively on the scratches you want to remove. In a few seconds, you will obtain spectacular results. Hundreds of professionals have already adopted this new technology and are very satisfied. For shallow scratches, our paint regenerator reference PC 500 is very effective and will also revive the colors of your bodywork that have faded over time. For deep scratches, we recommend our Ultracut PC 800. If you have a dark car with the presence of holograms, our anti-hologram treatment PC 540 is the ideal solution. Once you have repaired the defects in the appearance of your car, we suggest you move on to step 2, which is protection. For this, we have developed the titanium treatment reference PC 510 for light paints and reference PC 520 for dark paints. They guarantee a protection of 40 washes. The ceramic treatment reference PC 550 is suitable for all bodywork and guarantees a protection of 50 washes. The polishing with our integrated products is ultra simple and fast, about thirty minutes are enough to treat a whole car. You will obtain an incomparable shine and brilliance, an impact resistance as well as an outstanding water repellent effect. Don't wait any longer to give your car optimal protection and a like-new appearance thanks to the Padxpress Auto range. Our products have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding individuals and professionals.