How to choose the right PadXpress polish based on the polishing or buffing work you need to do?

Depending on the vehicle you are working on, the restoration you need to perform, and the surface that requires treatment, you will need to choose a specific PadXpress pack.

PadXpress Auto Range

PadXpress polishes for automobiles

PC500 High-Performance Restorer Auto 125mm Deoxidizer 1 Car
PC400.1 Scratch Eraser Auto Camping Car 80mm Surface scratches
PC800 Ultra Cut Auto 125mm Deep scratches 1 Car
PC540 Anti-Hologram Treatment Auto 125mm Holograms 1 Car
PC510 Titanium Treatment Auto 125mm Protective film 1 Car
PC520 Titanium Treatment for Black Paint Auto 125mm Protective film 1 Car
PC550 Ceramic Protection Auto 125mm Long-lasting protection 1 Car
PC550 Headlight Restoration Auto Moto Camping-Car 80mm Headlight transparency 4 headlights
PAIVL Windshield Anti-Impact Auto Impact resistance
APIVL Windshield Rain Repellent Auto Water-repellent

Determining the appropriate PadXpress polish largely depends on the type of vehicle you plan to work on. Whether it's a car, motorcycle, camper van, or boat, each has its own specific characteristics and unique polishing requirements. The dimensions of the pads vary based on the size, and the volume of polish contained within the pads also varies.

Another determining factor is the nature of the restoration you want to achieve. Do you want to remove light scratches, repair surface defects, or achieve a dazzling shine? Each of your goals for polishing or buffing requires a specific level of abrasiveness and renovating power. Therefore, you will need to take these aspects into account in order to choose the PadXpress polish that offers the most suitable characteristics to achieve your desired results.

Some PadXpress packs are specially formulated to address specific issues such as deep scratches or dull surfaces. By accurately identifying the needs of your surface, you will be able to select the PadXpress polish that will deliver the best results.