PadXpress Moto - Long-lasting nanotechnology ceramic protection - Ø80mm - (PM560)

PadXpress Moto - Long-lasting nanotechnology ceramic protection - Ø80mm - (PM560)

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The ultimate protection for long-lasting shine on motorcycle fairings

  • Protective coating composed of ceramic nanoparticles (silicon)
  • Gives your paintwork unrivalled shine and brilliance.
  • Highly impact-resistant,
  • Protects against UV rays, sunlight, acid rain, pollution, resins and sap. Water-repellent,
  • This treatment can be applied to two motorcycle fairings.
  • Easy, splash-free application. 8 times faster than traditional techniques.
  • The ceramic treatment is directly integrated into the polishing foam.
  • Simply press against the fairing to be treated and the product is released.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Approved and certified action
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If you're like many motorcyclists, the appearance and protection of your motorcycle is of paramount importance. As a motorcycle enthusiast, you want to preserve its shine and beauty for many years to come. That's where PadXpress Moto comes in, with its long-lasting ceramic protection technology. Let's dive into the world of ceramic protection and find out how PadXpress Moto can help you protect your motorcycle with an innovative coating.

PM 560
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Data sheet

Name of product
PadXpress Moto- Ceramic protection film - Long-lasting Nanotechnology
Product type
Long-life ceramic treatment
Product reference
Motorcycle fairing and fuel tank
Benefits and gains
Brings incomparable shine and brilliance to your paintwork. High impact resistance. Water-repellent effect.
Applicable to
Treat 2 motorcycle
Valid treatment duration
Garanti pendant 150 lavages
Pad diameter
80 mm
80 grams
Duration and conservation of products
Store foam in its box, in a dry place (maximum temperature 25°C) and away from light. To be used within 12 months of opening
Type of packaging
Item(s) included in the box
1 Pad diameter 80 mm with integrated tank
Ø80mm adapter plate for screwdriver (Ref. PC531)
NOT SUPPLIED - May be purchased at extra charge. Available on site: "Adapter tray diameter 80mm for screwdriver-unscrewer (Ref. PC531)
Equipment(s) required
Rotary screwdriver or polisher (circular)

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