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Milwaukee - Cordless Polisher (M12 BPS-421X)

Milwaukee - Cordless Polisher (M12 BPS-421X)

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  • PadXpress recommends the use of the Sander Polisher for the passage of its 80mm Pads.
        Very ergonomic, small size, it allows to pass in all the places even exiguous
        Variable speeds: 2 positions
        Lightweight (1kg with battery), it will allow you to work freely and in all positions
        Plateau up to 80mm diameter for polishing and 50mm for sanding
        Delivered in its case with the polisher-sander + 2 batteries + 1 charger + Accessories
        Warranty up to 3 years for the machine and 2 years for the batteries (register on the Milwaukee website directly)
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MILWAUKEE M12 Cordless Polisher
    2 speed selection (0-2800 / 0-8300 rpm) for both polishing and sanding
    RedLINK overload protection for significantly improved performance and runtime
    Large polishing capacity up to 76 mm and 50 mm for sanding with fast completion
    High autonomy
    Compact design with only 130 mm allowing access to difficult areas
    Quick and easy accessory change
    Removable handle with 2 positions
    Individual cell management for optimized autonomy and improved service life
    Flexible battery system: compatible with all Milwaukee M12 batteries
    Delivered in a case with polisher + 2 batteries + 1 charger + accessories
    Milwaukee products are guaranteed for 1 year. However, the Milwaukee supplier offers an extended warranty (3 years) for the machines as well as for the batteries (2 years) after registration of the serial numbers on the Milwaukee website

M12 BPS-421X
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Data sheet

Name of product
M12 BPS-421X
Product type
Polisseuse Ponceuse
Type of packaging
Dyna Case
W: 13cm
Disc diameter (Ø mm)
Tray up to 80mm for polishing and 50mm for sanding
M9 x 0.75
Battery capacity (Ah)
1 x 2.0 Ah battery and 1 x 4.0 Ah battery
The REDLITHIUM-ION™ pack offers up to 2x more range, 20% more power, x2 life and works with extreme temperatures
Charger supplied (min)
40 minutes
Number of battery(s)
12 volts
Type of battery
Empty speed (rpm)
2,500 to 7,500 rpm
Variable speed
Wireless polisher with 2 variable positions ranging from 0 to 2800 rpm at speed 1 and from 0 to 8300 rpm at speed 2
Removable handle (2 possible positions)
Supplied: x1
Weight with battery
1 x 2.0 Ah battery and 1 x 4.0 Ah battery
Supplied: x1 charger (40 min)
Glossy sponge
Supplied: x1
Supplied: x1
Milwaukee products are guaranteed 1 year with extended warranty for machines (3 years) as well as batteries (2 years) after registration of serial numbers on the Milwaukee site

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